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Welcome to our premium on-demand fitness subscription membership! Below you will find a diverse range of workouts under various categories from Strength & Movement to Bodyweight, Boxing to Mobility and Flexibility, Core & Cardio to warmups and cool-downs.

LIFT Online+ is supported by some of the best trainers in the industry from three-time Olympian boxers to Master Yoga Instructors. And, the best bit? You can bring them to you, anytime, anywhere and on any device!



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Maximizing your strength endurance, power and cardiovascular capability using nothing but your bodyweight! Anytime, Anywhere!

Give your body what it deserves with essential recovery and preparation sessions including mobility & flexibility, foam rolling and much more!

We bring you boxing fitness workouts that will challenge your coordination, strength and stamina. Catered for partner and individual workouts!

Try out our strength sessions! We offer effective workouts using a diverse range of equipment to suit everyone's needs, kettlebells to barbells, dumbbells to bands!

Supplement the focus of your week's training and develop your cardio and core to boost your performance and stability! Quick, effective, diverse workouts to keep you moving and inspired!

Here you will find warmup and cooldown variations to suit your workout needs.